Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Absolute Success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this weekend's 20 Hour Benefit Crop an absolute success!

Everyone had a great time, AND we raised a lot of money...over $12,000 in fact! :) Woo hoo! We are so excited! All proceeds benefit the Uncompensated Care Fund at Children's Hospital and we are incredibly proud to be supporting their miraculous work.

We are deeply grateful to each and every attendee and volunteer. Many of the attendees went above and beyond in raising money. One of our shining stars was Lori Beyerlin, who raised the most with over $900! Thank you! :)

And the volunteers? WOW! They were extremely dedicated and generous with their time and talent. The staff at Treasury of Memories deserves a major round of applause! Thank you!

From valet service at the door to delicious food and incredible raffle prizes, everyone said this was one of the best crops ever! YAY! We are thrilled to support Children's hospital with such an amazing group of women!

Here is Miss Julie showing off one of her gorgeous layouts created at the crop!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kits for Charity

Want to support Children's Hospital? Here's a simple and fun way!

The wonderful, talented team at Treasury of Memories have designed two fabulous kits for this year's 20 Hour Crop. If you are unable to attend the crop, no can still join in the fun and support the cause!

Visit Treasury's online store and check out the mini book and the card set! If you decide you must have both (because they're cute AND you're also doing good at the same time)...then the store will thank you with $5 of your purchase!

The mini book is PERFECT for a quick and easy Mother's Day it off with a handmade card from the card kit and you're good to go!

Enjoy your projects, and thanks for supporting Children's Hospital!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meet Evan!

Evan was born July 15, 2005 at 32 weeks (eight weeks premature) at Swedish Hospital. Shortly after birth, he was diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome.

Evan spent his first seven weeks of life in the Swedish NICU before being transferred to Children's Hospital. They thought Evan most likely needed a trach, and Children's was the only place with pediatric ENTs. The Children's team was able to correctly diagnose the airway problem, and fortunately he did not require a trach. Instead, he had surgery for a Nissen fundoplication and g-tube for his severe reflux, and that made a tremendous difference.

Since his discharge in October 2005, Evan has returned to Children's for several planned surgeries and spent one week in the PICU due to a lung infection. He also is followed by numerous clinics.

Today Evan is a busy toddler who spends his days growing, learning, and getting into trouble. His family is incredibly grateful to Children's -- both for the excellent care Evan has received and for allowing them to be an active part of his health care team.

Children's has also been very generous with financial assistance to Evan's family by helping with medical expenses not covered by their insurance.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Meet Tommy!

Thomas McMillan “Tommy” and his twin brother Liam arrived on December 12, 2006.

Tommy was born enhanced with Down Syndrome. However, within a few hours of his birth, it was apparent that something much more serious was wrong. He was vomiting bile and not passing any stool.

It was a very windy day, and the helicopters couldn’t fly Tommy to Children’s Hospital. But that didn’t stop Children’s -- a team of six quickly arrived in Bellingham to personally transport Tommy in his isolette.

The first hospital stay was three weeks long with another admission a month later due to colitis. He was also diagnosed with Hirschprung’s Disease, which is a disease of the large intestine. Tommy underwent a six hour surgery and lost 5 inches of his colon. The nurses, dietician, occupational therapist and surgical physicians were so gifted with their talents that Tommy not only survived his surgery, he is thriving!

Tommy is now waiting for open heart surgery in June to repair a common Down Syndrome heart defect called an AV Canal. He still has a nasal gastric tube to eat since he is fatigued. Tommy loves to smile and be cuddled!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Meet Cameron!

We asked parents of local children whose lives have been touched by Children's Hospital to share a bit about their kiddos.

Today we want to introduce you to Cameron. I was fortunate enough to meet Cameron and his family through our internet CHARGE support group. And then during Max's lengthy stay in the hospital, they came to visit us and what a wonderful get together! I will always remember how overjoyed I was watching him run around and around with his brother in the cafeteria. Seeing him be such a BOY gave me such hope and courage for Mighty Max. :) Cameron has overcome such tremendous obstacles and is doing truly fabulous. Very inspiring!

Rebecca (Cameron's mommy) is joining us for the Benefit Crop this year. She is new to scrapbooking but is inspired by the cause! YAY!


Cameron was born full term weighing 9 pounds, 11 ounces. Before his arrival, his parents were aware of the bilateral cleft lip and palate and were ready for that challenge. However, more pressing issues unfolded during the first year of his life. Those issues included the need for a gastric tube to eat, severe/profound hearing loss, low muscle tone, no sense of balance and two heart murmurs.

When he was about 18 months old, he was finally clinically diagnosed at Children’s Hospital with CHARGE Syndrome. Today Cameron is 5 years old, no longer using a feeding tube, is able to speak and uses sign language and can run, jump and play. He has already taught his family and everyone around him so much in his short life. He truly is a miracle!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Great Raffle Packages for Crop Benefit

We have put together some absolutely amazing raffle packages for this year's crop! So not only will you have a wonderful time scrapbooking, but you also might just win an incredible present for you and your family! YAY!

Raffle tickets are $1 each, and you will definitely want several for each of these fabulous packages! Tickets will only be sold at the crop and winners will be announced at the event. So you will have a good chance of winning something fabulous!

Just a few highlights from our raffle packages include:

  • Delicious dinners at great restaurants
  • Overnight stay and massages at the Chrysalis
  • Recreational activities
  • Beauty treatments and products at wonderful salons
  • Fun activities for children
  • Entertainment tickets
  • Memberships to fitness centers
  • Photography session

Getting excited? So are we!!! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amazing Raffle Prizes!!!

WOW! Every day our raffle packages for the Benefit Crop are getting better and better!

This past week the Chrysalis donated an overnight stay in a deluxe room (with a view!) with two Swedish massages and a breakfast buffet! Other donations this week included: hydrotherapy tub session, golf packages, theater tickets, salon services, gym membership, and the latest in scrapbooking.

Tickets will be $1 each and available at the crop for attendees. Make sure to bring some extra cash and you might just walk away with an incredibly fantastic package!

Make your reservation today for the Benefit Crop by calling Treasury of Memories at 715-3125. The big event is just a few weeks away...